REN21 Develops Interactive Renewables Map

REN21December 2011: REN21 has developed the REN21 Renewables Interactive Map, which offers in-depth, country specific analyses of renewable energy policy, access to constantly-updated market and policy information, and detailed exportable databases. 

The Renewables Interactive Map identifies a number of criteria necessary for a site to be mapped. One criterion is government policies including, regulatory policies, fiscal incentives and public financing. Another is targets or commitments, which can be renewables in final energy, renewables in primary energy, and renewables in electricity. The map also considers existing renewable energy shares, categorized as final energy shares, and primary energy share; links technology to corresponding energy sources (listed as wind, solar, hydro, bioenergy, ocean, geothermal and non-technology specific); installed capacity, relating the installed capacity of specific energy sources; and methodology for implementation. [REN21 Renewables Interactive Map]