ILO Head Calls for Putting Decent Work at Heart of New Vision of Growth

ILO6 June 2012: Addressing the 101st Session of the International Labour Conference, Juan Somavia, Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), underscored the centrality of work to people's lives everywhere, noting they play a key role in creating strong, sustainable and balanced growth.

Somavia stressed that growth alone can no longer be the key criteria for macroeconomic success, and suggested following additional macroeconomic objectives to judge macroeconomic success, namely: quality job creation, i.e. growth of decent work; the reduction of poverty and informal work, and the growth of middle classes; and fair access to opportunities.

He underscored that ILO's essential values and its Global Jobs Pact can "open the way to a new cycle putting decent work at the heart of policy convergence as the foundation of a new vision of growth and globalization." He outlined the elements of this vision, including: social protection floors that give a strong footing to step out of poverty and the informal economy; a just transition to cleaner and more efficient energy use and a greening economy; and respect for fundamental principles and rights at work and international labor standards.

The Conference is taking place from 30 May-14 June 2012, in Geneva, Switzerland. [UN Press Release] [101th Session of the International Labour Conference Website] [ILO Director-General's Address]