IEA Series Offers Guidance on Wind Energy Roadmap Development

IEA2 March 2014: The International Energy Agency (IEA) has created a line of publications aimed at offering focused guidance on the development of national strategies and roadmaps that can help accelerate the deployment of low carbon technologies. The first issue deals with wind energy.

The publication is titled “Technology Roadmaps: How2Guide for Wind Energy Roadmap.” It states that the process of developing a roadmap, which involves building awareness and consensus among relevant actors, is as important as the final document. The report aims to serve as a reference for government and industry actors developing their own roadmaps. Chapters discuss the: role of roadmaps; roadmap development process, including planning, visioning, roadmap development, implementation, monitoring and revising; and possible structure of a wind energy roadmap.

The report concludes by noting the key supporting role that roadmaps can have in helping countries identify national priorities and appropriate pathways to achieve their aims, especially on technology deployment. [Publication: Technology Roadmaps: How2Guide for Wind Energy Roadmap]