ESMAP Launches Online Renewable Energy Project Resource Center

ESMAP13 March 2014: In partnership with Energypedia, the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) of the World Bank has developed the online 'Renewable Energy Project Resource Center' to provide documents that seek to facilitate the speeding-up and scaling-up of renewables projects in developing countries.

The Center aims to help project developers and governments increase their knowledge and reduce transaction costs by, for example, providing samples of key documents required to successfully run projects, but which are rarely made publicly available by those generating them.

The sample documents include: Terms of Reference (ToRs); procurement documents; surveys and questionnaires; economic and financial analyses; and case studies. These are tagged with the specific energy technologies they are designed for, the connection type, language and country. Partnering with Energypedia, an open, wiki-based platform, allows users to easily find the documents and add their own examples to the database. [ESMAP Press Release] [Renewable Energy Project Resource Center]